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asked Mar 4, 2011 at 7:41am
Hp HP Color LaserJet CP2025DN

HP Laserjet CP2025dn colour bands on page


Having a strange problem with this printer. Intermittently on printouts there are horizontal colour bands appearing on the page about 7mm thick and 68mm apart. Black,Cyan, Magenta and Yellow all appear in sequence. In some of the colour bars there is also ghosting of some previous text although this is not always present. If it was just the ghosting I would suspect fuser unit but the colour bands have got me thinking of maybe the drum unit. Before I saw the actual printout I updated the firmware. Now I see it I am convinced it is a hardware issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


PS is there a way to post an image of the fault?
This is a common issue on this printer. One of the motors on the right side has gone bad. HP claims this happens from using aftermarket toners. There are two motors towards the front of the printer which are the same. One of them has gone bad. The part number is RL1-1800-000CN. The motors are the drum motor and developing motor.
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Thanks for the information. I'll see if they want to have it repaired. Parts and labor may end up being only a little less that a new printer. - lttech

I came across a printer this week that is having the same issue and I'm afraid that it is a lost cause but wanted to research it before giving it the axe. Were you able to find a solution to this problem?

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Have you tried with new cartridges??
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Two of the cartridges are new but have been refilled by a third party. I have asked them to order all new HP cartridges which should be in soon. - lttech