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Epson Epson Stylus Color 3000

Epson stylus colour 3000 problems help!!!!!

Hi All

I have an epson stylus colour 3000 and im experienecing a couple of problems.1st problem is when feeding the paper from the rear the printer prints about 1 inch to the left so my picture is off centre and off the paper losing part of my image,ive tried moving the paper along but makes no difference i dont get the problem when feeding from the front,2nd problem is that when feeding from the front the paper doesnt want to feed into the printer without pushing the paper in so far yourself.If anyone could help me with this problem it would be very much apprecieated.
When loading in the back you must move the paper towards the center about 1 inch . It does work i print this way all the time. Clean The paper Pickup rollers. Lift up the white caps and you can clean with a tooth brush and windex. rotating them is the trick. Turn the printer off, next lift the lid and with a flashlight look at the right of the main roller there is a lever. push back on it with a pencil and turn the manual feed knob the rollers will engage. clean them all the way around. You can also put 30 sheets of paper in the tray and then put a peice of 200 grit sandpaper sand up. Next hold the paper you must not let it load and hit the load eject button. do that 4-5 times. this will skuff and clean the rollers. DONT LET THE SANDPAPER GO UP INTO THE PRINTER AS IT MAY DAMAGE IRT AND IT WONT SAND THE ROLLERS.

As always if you need help with info for an epson 3000 feel free to call me at 916-726-4604 we can help you with any problem

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