asked Feb 28, 2011 at 8:07pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

windows scanner wizard

I am using 4 scanner software programs, the windows scanner wizard, the HP DIRECTOR for the K80, the PHOTOZIG program, and lastly PICASA 3.8. I also installed a flat beb scanner, the ARTEC E-48. The issue is that the 80 is a ROLLER type scanner. I needed a flat bed for thicker material. The second issue is that PHOTOZIG and PICASA allows me to choose from both the K and the E at will via a drop down menu in each program. The DIRECCTOR is dedicated to the K 80. The scanner wizard is also dedicated to the K despite the fact that the interface indicates multiple scanners can be assigned and chosen from. How do I do that? There are no help pages. I do not know how MS paint is set up. This is a minor irritant since I find PICASA an easy program to use. When I open PICASA, IMPORT to the program, select E48, the 48 interface opens, manualy scans. I then close the program, select IMPORT ALL in PICASA. From there I can print from the program or email using either Gmail or OE. Quick and simple. Please tell me how I assign both the K and E into the scanner wizard and choose to use either one.