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Epson Epson Stylus Color 3000

Driver for epson 3000 c for Mac ox10.6

Anybody know where I can get a driver to run my epson stylus color 3000 on Mac OS 10.6.? The printer has served me well and now that I installed OS10.6 can't find a driver. Any Help is greatly appreciated.

Problem Solved
Hi Everyone for non intel macs(power PC) up to OSX 10.4.11 the epson driver will work. For Intel Mac Users or OSX 10.5 and up wanting to print color there is a solution!! Printfab at has a color rip for OSX 10.5 + 10.6. You have to buy it but its reasonabbly priced check their site.

For printing films Use PowerRIP they support all macs up to OSX 10.6 and as a plus they have the nozzle check and head cleaning utility built in. Check them at

These are still a great printer and you can use your brand new mac pro or mac book pro. As always if you need help with info for an epson 3000 feel free to call me at 916-726-4604 or 1-877-465-5382 we can help you with any problem

Paul Keech
The Inkjet Doctor

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