asked Jan 21, 2001 at 9:27pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP LaserJet4 Paper Jam

I was recently given a HP LaserJet 4 and I disassembled it and cleaned it with compressed air and found several small broken pieces of black plastic. I looked everywhere for where it broke off but didn't see anything so I re-assembled the printer and tried a demo-page. The paper pickups and transfers fine...even goes through the fuser but it doesn't exit the printer. It gets stuck at what I think is called the "output assy" there are for little rollers on the bottom and I can see the paper get stuck each time. If I push these little rollers down the paper feeds out perfectly fine and it prints great. I check out the output assy and it all seems in on piece?! Any suggestions would be great! Also where could I get a users manual to go along with my printer? Thank you again!
I just read lots of others problems with the exit jam. I also get the accordion effect and failed to mention it. I noticed your exit repair kit and was wondering if this is what I really need. If this fixes it I will reccomend you to anybody...that would mean I only paid about 45 dollars for a HP Laserjet 4 (repairs) since it was given to me! This web page is awesome!
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Sounds to me like what you need. One of our more popular kits. I don't need too many more recommendations or I'll have to give up sleeping. I've given up everything else. Thanks for thinking about me.
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Thanks for the input on this I will definately order this kit in the near future...No rush for it right away cause I have another printer but I can hardly wait to fix the Laser one. The videos sound like a straight forward approach to fixing it also. Thanks again.
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