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Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

HP Laser Jet 5Si 13.3 error

Good morning,
I know that 13.3 errors for the HP Laser Jet 5Si have been addresses before but I am not seeing any previous posts that look like the same thing my(our) printer is doing. I just started working with the printer one month ago. From what I have been told it has "always" picked up more then one sheet of paper at a time, between 2 and 10. This has not caused major problems you just have to clear a jam when it pulls a really large number of pages at once.
In the past week the printer has been jamming before the toner (both between covers 2 and 3 and crumpling just before the toner), in the toner and after the toner starting into the fuser. It jams from all three trays, tray 2 has 8-1/2x11 and tray 3 has 11x17. I have looked in all the doors and wiggled what rollers it seemed safe to touch. The printer started squeaking badly right before the jamming started but other then that nothing has changed. Same toner, same rollers etc. . . I have been tasked with trying to fix the printer instead of calling a service tech. Any help is appreciated.
Please note that I am a new engineer not a tech so go easy on the technical terms.
If you remove one of the paper trays and look to the right side there will be 3 rollers. 2 are blue and 1 is black or brown. The roller all the way to the left (blue) below the top roller is the separation roller. It is responsible for making sure only 1 sheet of paper is picked up. Check the condition of all the rollers. They should not be smooth or shinny. If they are they need to be replaced. If that does not solve the problem then the PIU (paper input unit) will need to be replaced.
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