asked Jan 5, 2011 at 2:50pm
Hp HP Color Copier 120

Fax Problems HP clj2840

My problem is becoming a major issue.

I had two printers that I used everyday.
A 7310 Office Jet and a 2840 Laser Jet; the software allowed me to access the windows contacts list for faxing from my computer. The 7310 died—could not be resuscitated.

I ordered a cm2340 LaserJet all in one. When I installed the new printer I had problems with the installation, contacting HP they took control of my system to try and repair. The first issue was that the software only uses a speed dial list that only allow 120 names. My contacts list is >2000. The other issue is that the printer does not recognize that it is connected to USB port; however it clearly shows the connection under devise manager. This does not allow you to complete the installation.

1. Their software now does not allow you to access Windows Contacts.
2. Secondly when the Rep took control of the system, all the old software was uninstalled.

• When I downloaded the software for the 2840, it will only allows me to use the same type of software that supports the 2340.

• I need an older original software disc for the clj2840 or a way to patch back to the original version.

HP has not been of help. On the new machine, HP has me elevated me to a level two with a promise of a call. That was two weeks ago. I am still waiting and I need some nerd type help since I fall short in that category.

Plug and play is the limit of my expertise.