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Hp HP LaserJet IIIP+

HP laserjet IIIP toner cartridge problem

I am coming to the end of the life of my last original manufacturer HP toner cartridge, now no longer available.

I have bought in succession replacement cartridges (compatibles)from three different providers and have the same problem with all of them.

The print comes out covered with grey patches and streaks; the internal roller is covered in black and the photoelectric drum is streaked with black.

OK, there is a problem with the printer.

But no. If I clean the roller with a soft cloth and replace my old HP cartridge, the print is perfectly clean if a little paler than than it might be.

Any ideas? Or do I give up on old faithful?

Gertrude 71
obviously those cartridges had been sitting on the shelf for ages, for obvious reason. you need to get one that is rebuilt recently. moe, the moderator of this site, might be able to help you. just wait for him to answer.
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Wiper blades on the ones you bought are bad. Moe's should work just fine if still available.
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Wiper blades on the ones you bought are bad. Moe's should work just fine if still available.
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The problem with the IIIP cartridge is that the wiper blades are sealed inside the waste bin. You have to cut the top off of the waste bin to access the blade and then reseal it so waste doesn't spill out in the printer. It's pretty messy. You have to have a special jig and cutting tools to remove the top cleanly and then you have to buy a new top to replace. This is why most companies don't bother and take a chance the old blade won't fail. It's almost a given that it will fail as you've found out. The cartridges we sell on the site have been built to our specs. which include replacing the blade and the top, along with a new drum and premium toner.
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Thank you for your help. Since I am in England and your properly rebuilt cartridges are in the USA, it looks like the end of the line for the IIIP, especially as spares are hard to come by. I have already wasted £60 on toners that do not work.

Gertrude71 - gertrude71
I think Moe ships to England. Contact him as his toner are very good.
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HP IIIp toners have a built in wiper blade. these are replaceable but you need to take them apart, and its a pain in the butt.
the people that supply you with these, should send you replacement.
or if you can get a CAnon version. Canon makes the print engine for HP.
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Long time no see, and HELP! [grin].

New (well, it's been sitting here unopened for a long time) LD cart for my IIIp, and the result looks like somebody scattered a fine film of toner on the paper before trying to put the proper materials on the page.

The older toner cartridge (Genuine HP) was doing the black lines and such - also acting like it was going empty, which is no surprise - it's at least six years old. It was NOT doing this....

Diddling the "light/dark" slider has no apparent effect.

I'm guessing that I want to order a cartridge from you.

Exhuming a wiper blade is probably not an option.


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