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Epson Stylus 3000 Pause Light Flashing

Hello everyone!

I'm new to but so far have been very impressed with the knowledge people have here. I've run into a problem with my work printer, an Epson Stylus 3000. I've read every post relating to this printer and still haven't found a solution so I thought I'd start my own thread.

Starting at the beginning, I use the Epson 3000 for printing film positives for screen printing. The other day I was cleaning the print heads due to some poor quality prints and the ink all of a sudden stopped showing up on the test pages. I figured the ink cartridge was empty (yet the ink out light wasn't on) so I removed it and it was, in fact, empty. I replaced the ink cartridge with a brand new one (black only) and since then the print just flashes the pause button and won't allow me to do anything on the printer. I can't print any test pages, run a cleaning cycle, nothing.

I downloaded the service manual off a different website and it states that if the pause light is flashing it's "Performing a special procedure such as replacing an ink cartridge, charging ink,or cleaning print heads." So I assumed it had something to do with the new cartridge I installed or clogged print heads. I installed a SECOND new cartridge hoping that was the problem but still the light flashes.

I then purchased the epson print head cleaning solution kit from this website and have done 3 tries and still the light flashes. I'm at my wits-end with this and need it to be resolved so I can continue printing film positives! Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Troy Hite
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I actually just figured out the problem by following this solution.

Basically I think the reason the pause light continued to flash was because I removed the print cartridge before the printer indicated the ink was gone, which caused some halt in the printer's procedures and wouldn't allow it to finish. Following the above link basically resets the printer's ink counters I'm assuming. Hope that helps anyone else with a similar problem!

Thanks anyways,
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