asked Nov 28, 2010 at 10:35am
Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

epson workforce 600 won't print black

tried cleaning head over and over and tried 2 new cartridges (all my cartridges are Epson brand). Nothing works and printer is only 1 yr old. Saw the kit mentioned in other thread for head cleaning but it says for all epson stylus printers. does this work on the workforce 600? Any other suggestions. The colors print just fine.
You could clean the black ink cartridge. For this you need to remove the black ink cartridge which is present in the printer. In order to clean the laser or scanner block you could use a cotton swab as it would fully clean the dirt. You need to clean the grime and the dried ink present in the printer. This would remove all the hindrances which prevent the ink from flowing. Cleaning the printer heads would also help to solve the problem.
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Totally having the same exact problem with mine... except when printing the nozzle check function, after 2 cleanings... I got one little black line on the upper right corner. how and/or where exactly is the scanner/head thing that I can clean off with a q-tip?
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Exactly the same issue. I see some black lines. Anyone resolved this issue? I have tried with two new cartridges, no luck.
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same problem here. It started when my ink cartrage ran out. I replaced it the next day and it won't print black pretty much at all. a few lines here and there.
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I've also had the same problem with 2 epson workforce 600 printers that I own. Would love if someone had a solution for this
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Same problem, let us know if the solution found, thanks
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My workforce 600 won't print at all. All cartridges epson, but only the paper comes out with no print.
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I had the same problem with my workforce 600, the black ink not printing. It stopped printing after using a (new) ink cartridge I bought off ebay (for very cheap!). Too good to be true, I guess. Not sure if I got a bad cartridge, but I use my printer often (2 -3x/week) and have always purchased brand name ink cartridges at Staples, OfficeMax, etc. and have never had a problem like this until now. I ended up going to the big box store and purchased an Epson 97 cartridge, still wouldn't print. After running the nozzle check and utility head cleaner several times, I saw some ideas on UTube and found a solution that worked for me: I got a syringe with very warm-hot water and then folded up a paper towel 3x and slid the folded paper towel underneath the ink cartridge carriage/compartment (to catch the water). I then squirted the hot water from the syringe into and onto the printer head to flush out the clog(s). I stuck the syringe into any hole on the printer head that I could find and dispensed water. After emptying the syringe, I removed the paper towel. I did this process again: put a new folded paper towel under the ink cartridge carriage and got another syringe full of hot water and flushed out the print head again. I took out the paper towel, ensured that there wasn't any water under the carriage, put the black cartridge back in and tried printing ... IT WORKED!!!! After this experience, I believe I got a bad ink cartridge which clogged up my machine. Hope this helps somebody.
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I am having the same issue. All the colors print but not the black. I have replaced this black ink twice and thought I had a bad ink cartridge. Once ok, twice maybe but not likely. I have cleaned out the printer and ran the head cleaning. Please if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this problem I would greatly appreciate it!
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My printer is 1 1/2 years old, about 1 month ago it stopped printing in BLACK.
The colors print. I changed the black ink cartridge twice, still doesn't work. I tried to clean with Q tip and alchol it was messy ink there, that cleaned it up, but didn't help. Still won't print BLACK.

I've read online reports and seems other people have this same question.

I went back to Staples where I bought it, they just said they don't fix printers.


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I had same problem with WF-2540. Apparently many of these epson printers use crappy print heads. In my case, I hadn't used the printer for over 6 months, so I kinda expected the problem. New cartridges did NO good.

I had to remove the print head and soak the whole thing in a cup of rubbing alcohol for about 15 minutes. I had a can of compressed air that I used to blow through the individual color jets. At first black and yellow wouldn't pass the air. After soaking, the clogs broke. I blew the rest of the alcohol out, dried off the whole print head, and re-installed. I had to run the printer through the head cleaning cycle 4 times before full print quality was restored.

You can find videos on YouTube of how to remove the print head.

Hope this helps others.
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After 2 brand new Epson ink cartridges and cleaning the print head over a dozen times it FINALLY worked. The print nozzle pattern gradually started getting darker! Pretty much took the entire morning but I'm printing again.

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I have replaced the cartridge twice - 2 different cartridges. I have cleaned the cartridges, as you have indicated above. I have even changed out another coloured cartridge that was getting a bit low, just in case, but that had no effect. All other colours are printing, but the black will not print at all. The cartridge I was using when the trouble arose was put in the printer about 2 or 3 days prior to the issue. I typically do everything digital through website and txt but every now and then I need to print something!

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After reading all these problems, which is exactly like my problem, I'm going out to purchase a new printer, and it won't be an Epson. I have an HP now, and that's what I'll replace the Ep[son with. - Judy Dragin