asked Nov 22, 2010 at 12:51pm
Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

HP 5SI envelope feeder wrong size detected

Got an odd problem with an HP 5SI. The envelope feeder comes up saying ENV=Legal. I never knew this could be detected for a env. feeder. They have tray 1 set to legal & I thought maybe it was transferring that size up to the feeder but changing it didn't change the feeder size.

The machine won't allow me to change the feeder size, it's locked on legal for some reason. If you specify to use the feeder from the PC, the machine stops & says load env with COM10. Hitting select to continue anyway will result in a blank envelope due to the size being off. They're using the mp tray for now as they need but makes it hard to do multiple envelope runs without a feeder.

I wasn't sure if maybe replacing the env. feeder would be the first step on this or not, if I can still find one.
Got this fixed so posting an update.

I had them remove the network card & do a cold reset with the envelope feeder still plugged it and that cleared the problem. She was able to change the settings then. I'll have to see long term how this works but for now seems good.
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