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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP 2840 Intermittent Problem with Print Quality

I have had this hp 2840 since 2006 and it has been fine on very light duties both printing and copying in a soho environment until recently. I am only on my second imaging drum but this is about 75\% used.

Of late the output has been faint but not every sheet. In B/W the problem occurs both in copying and printing. For example a document of about 20 pages might have a two or three bad. If I repeat the task then a couple of different pages might be wrong. On small jobs of just a few pages, possibly none will be bad then the next job throws a bad sheet again.

In colour the faintness problem, as I recall started earlier and with copies every one can be faint.

I have wasted a good deal of time and toner whilst on the phone to HP recalibrating and printing etc. but with no improvement.

I am using all genuine HP toner cartridges and
Don't know what happened there to cut message but here is the remainder:-
..."HP Printing" A4 80g paper. (This is a recent change from "HP Office" paper used before but I hope this is not the cause.)

I have downloaded the service manual thanks to advice from these pages and read it quickly. I couldn't identify any of the symptoms in the manual as being similar to my experiences so am posting this while I read it all again.

Grateful for any advice comments meanwhile.
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Check here it will solve your 2840's problem.

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