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Canon Canon LBP 4

Printer wear on color lasers

Sorry if this was asked before.

I'm keen to get a color AIO laser but after much reading something is not clear to me.

If I understand it right, a four pass printer like my clp-315 runs a color page page over the opc 4 times. I get that.

If I print black only will my page only pass over the opc once?

On a single pass printer, like the canon mf8050 the page passes over the opc for each color but does that place any wear at all on the drum(s)?

Are the color drums somehow deactivated or pulled back when printing a black only page?

thanks for any help you can provide
First off the samsung AIO is not the clp-315 but is the 3175. That said most color lasers use the color toners when printing only in black. If you mix all 3 color toners it gives you black so most color lasers use all four toners even when printing in black. Even is the printer has the ability to reduce the usage of color toners with grey scale printing most toners still register a cycle when a job is sent even if no toner is used. Just the way they get you to buy more toner.
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let's clarify, I know my 315 isn't an AIO, hence my post:

I'm looking to buy an AIO color laser.

Well, not any more. If my color toners will register a pass even when I'm printing black text then I may as well stay with my 315 and 4370dn combo.

Wait a minute. Does what you say mean that, say, a 4 drum hp would deposit colored toner onto each colored drum, the paper passes by, then the unused toner is wiped into the waste toner compartment?

Approximately how much toner is wasted this way? any idea?

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The Konica Minolta Magicolor 4695 AIO and 4650 laser printers will bypass the colors when printing black only and only rotate the black drum {30k} yield when using black only command at the print driver.

This saves you on printing costs! the toner cartridges are separate from the drum units and will yield up to 8,000 pages.

The transfer belt assembly has 2 modes of operation for disengaging colors when not needed.

I am liking these machines a lot better than the HP or sammy printers. Print quality is excellent and they will feed cardstock.
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that's exactly the kind of answer I was hoping to get!

hopefully though these printers will be SOHO prices? - ubern000b