asked Jan 20, 2001 at 12:20pm
Hp HP LaserJet 2

HP Laserjet poor print quality

My Laserjet 3P has been gathering dust for 2
years until I just got and installed a new
scanner motor from FYOP.

But the pages have length-wise bands of dark
areas on them. When I look at the toner cartridge,
I see corresponding areas where toner is on the
green roller

If I clean the roller, I can get 1 or 2 great pages
then it starts getting dirty again.

Is this a bad toner cartridge or fuser ?

Always check the cart first when any laser printer has image problems. However, on this one it is possible that the drum drive clutch assembly on the R/H side (Small black slanted toothed gear) is bad. very common and they are inexpensive. If you are mech. inclined it is easy but it should be done by a pro. The IIIp is almost always worth fixing if you like workhorse machines. Parts are very available.
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Thanks Walter,

About the laserjet 3P and smears when printing.

I dissassembled the cart and tried to clean it.
YUK! whadda mess.
I easily removed the green roller and the 1/2"
magnetic roller bar that snaps in & out.
I noticed that there are 2 magnetic bars,
one in the back, furthest away from the
swinging door and a slightly larger one
closer to the toner tank at the bottom.

After cleaning everything and puttin it back
together....(drum roll please...no pun intended)
it got worse :-)

I'm STILL wondering if MAYBE the fact that I
bought this cart-ridge over two years ago
(right before my laserjet stopped working)
that maybe the toner powder has gone bad or
something like that.

Me thinks ah may have to replace-ah de darn ting.

I WILL look again at the small black clutch
doo-hickey and see how it looks. Any other

Thanks for responding Walter!

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I would never tell anybody to disassemble a cartridge. About 80\% or more of the people who do them for a living haven't a clue. The 75A toner cartridges were degraded by HP so they would be more difficult to remanufacture. In so doing they insured the wiper blade would only go through one cycle provided you used it within a year. Your wiper blade failed and you need special equipt. to cut it open and replace it. I would seriously advise you don't buy any remanufactured ones as I think we're the only ones who ever bought the equipt. I can honestly say I've never seen a remanufactured cartridge where the blade has been changed outside of the ones we do.
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It turns out that it WAS the cartridge that was
causing the problem. I crossed my fingers, went
to Office X and bought a new cartridge,...VIOLA !!!

No more smearing. But WAIT.. there's MORE !!!!
then I read the warranty papers that came with
the new cartridge and it said that the cartridges
have a
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I also had a faded black line on my printouts..
I took the green drum out. Behind it was a plastic
piece the width of the cartridge held on with two screws(small one on left and bigger one on right.
It had collected dust behind it. I took it off, cleaned all the dust off put it back on and my printer prints great now.
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I get two very narrow, vertical blank lines(no toner on the page) when I print with my Apple Personal Laserwriter LS. I have tried another toner cart. with no success. It's as if the toner isn't getting pulled onto the page within those small lines.
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Two probable causes. One is dirt on the laser optics blocking the beam in the 2 areas. The second would be contamination on the charge transfer roller next to the fuser assembly in the door. The roller gets a high voltage charge that is supposed to pull the toner off the cartridge drum on to the paper. Personally, I'd go with the first cause since I've never seen a transfer roller do that.
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