asked Sep 7, 2000 at 10:37am
Hp HP LaserJet 6L

Re: HP LaserJet 6L

Have you tried a different toner cartridge? Most print quality problems are caused by the cartridge. I have seen one where the laser scanner assembly caused light printing on skinny lines and dark blurry printing on black images.
Hi Guys, I have a similar problem to Glen's on a Canon LBP660 (same engine)When printing test page from WinDoze the logo at the top is very dark and blury but the normal text is very faint, the image is written to the drum in this manner so it is before the transfer roller. It is possibly the High voltage PS. but how do you test it? the only other likley part is the scanner assy. I have also changed the toner cartridge, no difference. Your reply regarding the scanner assy seems to be spot on, any way of testing it?
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I've seen quite a bit of the problem since that post. The problem can be traced to dust on the lens in front of the lasing diode. Pretty difficult to clean it. Only other alternative is to replace the laser scanner assy.
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