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Epson Artisan 810 AIO Feed problems

My epson Artisan 810 AIO is having problems feeding in photo matte paper which I purchaced from Neato. The paper is CD tray liners and jewel case inserts. I have used this paper for a year with no problems. Now all of a sudden, a problem with the printer grabbing the paper and feeding it into the machine. I have tried everything I know. Any suggestions? And by the way, I am on my third printer in a week. Tinhammer
My name is Syd and I work for Epson America, Inc.

Just to verify, you have replaced the printer 3 times in 1 week? At this point we would recommend contacting technical support. The paper itself while working, may be borderline too heavy or out of spec for the printer to load. This may be why it was working previously and not now.

The toll free number will be in the user's guide or emailed to you with a PIN number when you registered the product. Please try to load plain paper in the printer and let them know the results when calling.

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I have the same problem. My 810 has never been able to feed in A4 glossy photo paper, also purchased from Neato, all of the time. 80\% of the time it will fail to load and say tray is not set correctly. That 80\% is now 100\%. Still prints standard 8.5x11 plane paper just fine.

I purchased the 810 because of it's quality photo paper printouts. The photo quality of the DVD inserts that we have been able to get printed are excellent. And that's was one of the main reasons I got the 810. Now it sounds like I was taken by Epson because it really can't load photo paper. So if there is not a fix, Epson will join HP on our "do not purchase list".
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Same problem with my 810. Photo paper 8.5X11 is not taken from the tray; plain paper is Ok. I have a couple of years with this printer, maybe the rubber rollers are worn? Any suggestion?
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