asked Sep 14, 2010 at 1:25pm
Canon Canon Pixma MP190

plastic ribbon with slots each end

had to take printer apart(canon pixma mp190)to remove an item that fell into paper tray and jammed. after putting it back together i turned on and the print cartridges flew from side to side at extremely fast speed. the I noticed a plastic ribbon about 1/8 inch wide with slots at each end which came loose from somewhere . I assume it regulates the speed of the print cartridges at startup. trying to find out where this ribbon goes...

I'm not familiar with your printer but the plastic ribbon your describing sounds like the encoder strip for the print heads/cartrides keep track of where it is by counting the little lines in the ribbon. With this piece missing it's lost; this is way its banging from side to side.

On my HP Officejet the ribbon is stretched from one end of the printer, through the print cartridge to the other end of the printer. Look for some kind of clip at each end of the printer that might hook onto the strip. You should also look for a rectanglar hole on each side of the print cartridge to feed the strip through.

Good Luck, I hope this helps!
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