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Epson Epson LQ 800

Flashing error display

I am having a problem with my Epson Artisan 800 printer. I had a paper jam and after clearing the jammed paper I still get an error flashing display. I cannot use the printer as it tells me to turn it off and clear the jam. I have tried everything and cannot locate any other jammed paper. Has anyone experienced this problem.??

This is a printer killer problem that can be easily fixed. Open the printer. See a 1/4" grey plastic band that is attached to the print head. This is the CR (carriage return) guide that tells the print head exactly where it is. During a paper jam it is sometimes pulled out of the slit on the head carrier that it has to be in to tell the print head where it is on the carriage. Pull the print head out about half way, and with a flashlight look behind the head carrier. You will see a small plastic u-shaped piece. Make sure the CR ribbon is INSIDE the slit, or u-shaped device. When this happens you will usually hear the print head hitting the side of the printer twice while it tries to determine its position. Be very careful not to damage the ribbon. It will slip back into the slot quite easily.

Dan Baker
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Thank you. That was my problem also. I had struggled trying to fix it, but I could not find any paper pieces anywhere. I blew the printer out with an air duster. Turned the printer upside down and shook it and did get a small piece of plastic to come out. But the printer did not work until I read your solution. It took me 20 seconds to look around and find the upside down U channel and 10 seconds to pop the band back in place (in the U versus behind the U) and I have my printer back.

I am ecstatic. Thank you so much.


- inigo-bc
In all liklihood the problem has nothing to do with the carriage encoder strip. Usually, the paper sensor has been dislodged or the gears driving the carriage locking\\document feed mechanism are out of place.
Hope this helps.
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dabaker, you nailed it! was having same "paper jam" issues as everyone, yet the culprit was the 1/4" plastic band. a 2-second fix after months of frustration. thanks!
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