asked Nov 9, 2002 at 3:06am
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Apple Laserwriter II paper feed problems.

I have an Apple LaserWriter II NTX that I have replaced the AC and DC Power Supplies, the DC controller board, and the Fuser. The last thing that I cannot seem to get to work right is the paper feed. When the printer picks up a piece of paper it takes it in in jerks not smoothly. It starts and stops on the way in so that by the time it gets under the drum it starts printing one third of the way down. The printer does not know that this has happed so it thinks it needs to keep on pulling the paper in. So another one gets pulled in and then another. It may pull four or five before it sends a paper jam error.
I would like to fix this, but I think that the roller is fine so the kit won't do me any good. Please help.
This one sure doesn't make any sense. The paper jam should occur on the first sheet. I don't understand why it continues to pull paper. Since the problem could normally not exist, I suspect that you inadvertently created it when you were working on the printer. It becomes impossible to diagnose the problem. It would have to be seen by an experienced tech. Be aware that most printer "techs" have zero troubleshooting ability. They're strictly parts changers. One suggestion for the jerking would be to "tweak" the motor connector to the DC power supply. A loose or bad connection will cause motor jerking.
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