asked Aug 3, 2010 at 8:36pm
Epson Epson Stylus Photo RX620

Epson RX620 loud bang

I've trying to repair a friends Epson RX620 all in one printer. At power on it moves the carriage some amount to the left and then a little back to the center,...then at max speed it slams the entire carriage into the far right wall. The display just says "Error",...Printer error occurred. Please see Documentation. The carriage can be moved easily back and forth, the drive belt looks great and I've seen it move the carriage under logic control

Inspecting the insides of this printer it looks absolutely new. There is virtually no ink dumped in the purge area and all the ink carts show full.

I would expect there is a sensor that identifies home postion but there is no "DOT" mark like there is in Canon printers. The Timing strip on the back of the head looks clean all the way. I have a feeling this printer has been in this condition from the day they got it out of the box. There is hardly a finger print on it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.