asked Aug 2, 2010 at 3:12pm
Konicaminolta Konica-Minolta MagiColor 2430DL

Re: Konica-Minolta 2430DL error messages

My old printer is getting increasingly cranky and finally has gone on strike.

For over a year it has repeatedly given toner error messages "______ toner not installed" (insert yellow, cyan, magenta or black more or less at random. The errors can usually be cleared buy opening the top, lifting out the black cartridge and putting it back in. Sometimes it's necessary to remove and reinsert color cartridges too. I take these occasions to blow out the interior with canned "air" and once in a while wipe off any visible electrical contacts with a little rubbing alcohol, drying well afterwards.

Last week it started adding a "front door open" message and has refused to print since then. I took off the side panel, checked that the switch is being pushed shut (it is), then disconneted the leads and checked the switch with an ohmmeter (good). Have probably tried all possible permutations of power down/restart, disconnect/reconnect network cable, etc. When it comes back up, it usually gives the black toner missing message, mostly together with yellow toner missing, and it does not turn the color cartridges spool to the front so I can't remove and check the yellow.

Any ideas why this thing communicates so poorly with itself, why it's such a hypochondriac? Boat anchor or repairable printer??