asked Sep 7, 2000 at 7:02am
Epson Epson Stylus Color 1520

Epson Stylus 1520 doesn't pick up sheets

I have a 1520 that just can't pick up paper. The rollers have become too slippery! Is there some way I can get the printer to grab the paper every time on the first try without putting chewing gum all over the rollers?
Try our $1 Rubber Rejuve kit on the Printer Repair Kit page.
by moe on Sep 7, 2000 at 9:22pm Add comment
I have the same problem, and am always cleaning the rollers with alchohol and a Q-tip. I have seen two other 1520 printers with this problem, yet Epson claims they've never heard of it. I've also found that sometimes the little plastic springs come undone and you need to put them back into place. It's a little hard to describe, but if you look where the paper feeds into the printer you will see two little roller guides that are attached to the paper guides which you adjust back and forth for paper width. This is what the rollers are attached to. If you snap them loose from the top edge of the paper guides, you can move them independently and check the little plastic spring thing (it's not really a spring, just a springy flat plastic tab that pushes the paper against the roller. Sometimes they come loose and the paper wont' get picked up. I even stuck a little piece of plastic wrap underneath this tab to give it more pressure and that worked.But this printer drives me nuts for this reason. The printouts are GORGEOUS, but the durn thing can't feed paper very well. Or it grabs the paper and feeds it all the way through without printing...
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