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Epson 3000 carriage hitting

Hi Guys,
Have been scouring the net looking for a solution to a situation am having with my Epson SC 3000.

Printer carriage starts up normally and loads paper for first pass then when returns to print pad seems to miss-judge where paper starts and finishes, this results in print head sounding like it is hitting the printer body quite hard repeatedly until switched off or data 'printed'. Appears to be a conflict between paper sensors and print data, I don't know. Used to happen intermittently but now won't function without this fault.

Have tried the pause, LF/FF and micro adjust down arrow reset with no change. Will try to print self test with same results with computer cable disconnected. Has occurred to another 3000 who I used to do work for without solution at this stage so am a little surprised not much evidence of this on forums.

These are great machines and have had for nearly ten years but still like to keep her going since prints so well and refilling is simple. Anyone familiar with this malfunction or have a remedy?

Any assistance appreciated.
The carraige bushing needs replacement.You will have to take it to a shop.Check Epson website for service facilities in your area.

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There's a little plastic tab that can break. I forget where it is, but it's very small (about 2mm x 2mm x 3mm) and without it, the carriage bangs against the far right. I remember accessing it for repair by removing the printer casing and accessing from the rear on the carriage rest side of the printer (right side looking at the front).
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Thanks for the reply, will remove case and investigate. cheers
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