asked Jul 16, 2010 at 12:53pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

Paper feed problem

I'm working on a HP 4250/4350 that has 4 trays. The bottom tray is setup to print label through the program that the company runs. The label are feed crooked into the printer. I've changed the feed rollers and the tray itself but nothing has helped. Any clues?
I've found that most problems of that nature are caused by an obstruction in the paper path. Possibly a piece of label came off. You want to look on the side that is causing the crooked shift and inspect the upward channel for a blockage. What you can also try is stick a stiff piece of thin cardboard (file folder works good) up along the paper path and see if you can shove it out. I've fixed hundreds if not thousands of printers this way. I had one yesterday that had the mother of all paper jams. Took 2 paper jam tools together to push it out. The paper had somehow accordioned up and gotten wedged in there. I wouldn't have thought it possible until I got it out and saw it.
by moe on Jul 16, 2010 at 1:06pm Add comment
I've cleaned the label out and printed plain paper and it's straight. The sheet of labels that are printing are cruled up on the ends due to the humitidy. I've changed the label sheet to newer ones but it always goes back to printing crooked.
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Labels should never be fed from cassette trays. It says so right in the manual. The reason for that is that they have to make 2 90 degree bends before they get into the printer. If you think about it, when you remove a label from the sheet, you bend the paper to get it to pop off. I've worked on lots of printers where people did not follow the manual and labels got dislodged and stuck in the paper path.
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