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Hp HP LaserJet 4

Refill HP 74A for HP4ML

Can I, and how do I empty and refill a HP4L Laser cartridge?
My printer History: I have a working HP4ML Laser. Several years ago I got 4 non HP toner cartridges. By last year I had used two. The 3rd and 4th both left horrible repeating streaks. On 1 you could easily see that the head thing wasn't being wiped. You guys always say get a new HP toner cart, but it was surprising that 2 from a batch of 4 would be bad. I recently got an old sealed HP 74A on ebay, and it was even worse. But I just swapped back in one of my original 4 good essentially empty carts, and it printed fine (if a little dim) so I guess all of these other carts are bad.

So: how do I open these cartridges (carefully for the 2 old good empty ones; and transfer the toner from the three messed up perhaps almost full (except that they all put out plenty of extra toner) toner cartridges.
The bad news is that when you take the cartridge apart, the only thing separating the waste and toner bins is the cartridge drum. There's no way to stop everything from pouring out. You have to install a seal to enable it to be put back together. Unfortunately, as you have learned, these carts don't have a really long shelf life. I believe they haven't been in production for several years so that any new ones you get are expired and pretty much guaranteed to fail. Here's a tutorial, not that it will do you much good. You would need to replace the drum wiper blades to get them to work good.
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Take a look at
this place has the knowledge of refilling the cartridge and the toner.
I have been using this company for years and refilling my cartridges at a low price.
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I have a very low opinion of Their methodology of doing it leaves a lot to be desired. Nothing is replaced, you just melt a hole in it and pour the toner in. You still have a worn drum, a wiper blade that probably won't make another cycle. Most importantly, you have a full toner waste bin that won't take a second load of waste toner. Guess where that goes when it gets too full? As for low price? Average price of $20 for a bottle of toner that is normally sold for about $5. If you work for them, this is a bad place to advertise.
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