asked Jan 17, 2001 at 2:48pm
Epson Epson Artisan 700


Hi, I have problems with 4 printers at once ...

1. My HPIIP printer is producing printout that has
1/3 of it fused only, the other 2/3, the toner are
there but not fused in. There is no jam, seems to
print normally but can't figure out why it behaves
like this.

2. The HPIID printer is jamming insise after passing
the fuser roller. It is not able to come out
from the exit.

3. The HP4p jams when the paper tray is low on paper
(roughly less than 1/3). If I filled the tray
with paper again, it will print fine. Otherwise
just got jam right when it pulls the paper in.

4. This is an Epson Photo 700. When I do
a print test, one of the short magenta line
is not level, it kinds of tilts upward.
So, when I print an image which uses that
color, I see a thin lines of wrong color.
If I print solid blocks of other colors,
there is no problem.
Is this just a matter of dirty head or
is it a mechanical problem?

Do you have repair kits for all of these problems?


The 2P, I'd say was a broken bushing on the left side of the fuser assembly. If you order the HPII fuser on the specials page and write in HPIIP fuser in the comments field, we'll substitute it for the same price. The IID fuser needs our HPII paper exit jam kit. The HP4P, I suspect has a bad paper tray. It probably could be fixed by some adjusting. I'd guess someone dropped it and bent something out of proper position, happens all the time. I can't hazard a guess on the Epson. If it goes beyond head cleaning, I don't mess with them because of their horrible design. I can usually fix 3 printers for every Epson. I lose money working on them.
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