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Samsung Samsung SCX 4623F


Hi , can some one help me? , how can i reset the counter for a samsung scx 4623f printer ?
can some one konow how to reset the counter on a samsung scx 4623f ? thanks.
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Shut off the printer.
Front door opened
Hold down the "Continue" button while opening the front door. Then turn on the printer.
Error LED lit
Keep the Continue button held down until only the "Error LED" is on then release the button. Close the door.
Top 3 LEDs lit.
The Continue button, Ready/Data, Toner Low, and Load Paper LEDs should all be lit upp.
Toner low LED lit.
Press "Cancel" a few times to cycle through the LEDs until just the "Toner Low LED" is lit.
Press and hold the "Continue" button until the LEDs cycle through and release only when the LED stops at Toner Low.
Turn the printer off and back on.
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where is the continiu buttom on scx-4623 ????? - lindows
where is the continiu buttom on scx-4623 ????? - lindows
Firmware to unlock the printer Samsung http://printer.ucoz.com
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michelsmith's solution is not for SCX-4623
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my samsung printer scx is printing slow when i m printing
please help.
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