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Epson Epson Stylus Color 440

Epson 440 color

My Epson 440 Color printer has given several years of very satisfactory service, but has suddenly started to omit printing any text boxes and their contents contained on a page. I cannot find any settings which govern this. Can anyone help?

Depending on what you mean and what you are printing you may need to set the printer to print the back ground.

I'm not sure what you are printing so this may not work. But it is worth a try.

Good luck.
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I am attempting to print Word documents in which I occasionally have text boxes. The latter now fail to print. The remainder of the document is OK.

John - jrm38
Check your print head of Epson 440 color printer it may be problem occured of bed printing.
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I have seen that with a few programs. It was a software glitch. One program you had to move some parta of the doccument to the front. Once that happened the document printer fine.

If it was a true printer problem it would not just omit the text boxes. So it sounds more like it is a driver/software issue.

Have you tried a different program. You can download a good wordprocessing program free from openoffice.org

I would download that and import the document into that then print it. If it prints fine then you know it is a glitch/corruption of the current program.

I hope this helps.
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