asked May 23, 2010 at 5:03pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

4 buttons under face plate hp 2410xi

while trying to get my hp 2410xi working again I pulled of the front control plate and discovered 4 buttons labeled H1, H2, H3, & H4 with corresponding posts on the underside of the control panel however the H2 post is not there, could this be the problem why I am getting error check print cartridges? thanks James
Check print cartridges are usually the result of damaged ink cartridges and/or the ink cradles. Have you changed your ink with known good ink cartridges? Do you refill? Are these old ink cartridges? Are they internet refills? Local refills?
You really haven't told us what you have done so far or what your observations have been.
by unknown on May 24, 2010 at 7:26am Add comment
Thanks for your response, Sue O, here's the story on my hp 2410xi
purchased in 2004
put into storage 2005-2008
started using hp 2410 Nov. 2008
used up the hp ink that was stored in printer NO PROBLEMS AT THIS TIME
color ran out sometime in 2009 & replaced with hp #57
black ran out in sometime in 2009 & replaced with hp #56
color ran out (grandchildren love color pictures) in 2009 never replaced left empty hp 57 in hp 2410
in Apr.2009 purchased # 56 from Rapid Refill store
in Jul. 2009 purchased #56 from Rapid Refill store
in Sept 2009 purchased hp #56
in Dec. 2009 purchased #56 from Rapid Refill store
in Mar. 2010 purchased #56 from Rapid Refill store--when ink was running low i started to get error messages around the beginning of May 2010--check cartridge--replace cartridge check cart. door etc.
in May 2010 purchased #56 from Rapid Refill store ---error message hp 2410 will not print--green lights flashing
all my printing since the color cart ran out is from the black cart. only . printing in grayscale.
I thank you for any suggestions. James2010 - Anonymous