asked Apr 22, 2010 at 5:11am
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HP 4250N PCL6 driver expert needed


I have several computers. Used to be all XP and used PCL5e driver for a networked LJ 4250N printer with 4 trays. It was easy to assign a computer to specific tray in the printer.

Now we have upgraded to Windows 7 and are using PCL6 driver.

My issue is I cannot figure out how to assign a computer a default tray to use. I can find a way to do this each time a print job is sent, in other words it is a temporary setting, but this is no good. I need a way to assign a tray to a computer as a default setting, so that the setting stays that way for good.

Can someone explain to me exactly how to do this? I cannot find the info I seek with support.hp.com.

THanks so much.
One thing I have found is that you can change the setting in each program's preferrences and once you have printed something from there it will remember that one setting. That is to say the PROGRAM will remember the setting you give it, to print from a specific tray.

Yet I am not able to change the preferrences for the entire computer in the printer driver.

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