asked Apr 19, 2010 at 8:41am
Hp HP LaserJet 1200

hp1200 quits in mid-document

I'm trying to print a 99-page document. My HP1200 printed 44 pages, then refused to go any further. The print monitor shows that the computer is sending data to the printer, and the associated light on the printer blinks as though it's receiving. But no dice.

Now the same thing happens with anything I try to print: the print monitor gets stuck on "sending data." I've switched off, unplugged and replugged everything, but everything has ground to a halt (except for the progress bar in the print monitor, which still busily insists that it's sending data).

Any ideas? All helpful suggestions gratefully received.

P.S. The manual says the printer might somehow have gotten stuck on "manual feed," and directs me to the "printer properties section of the user manual." There doesn't seem to be any such section.
Remove the printer driver from the computer. Turn the computer off and then back on and reload the driver and see if that helps. Also how is the printer connected, usb, network, etc.
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