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Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP Laserjet M3035 MFP Stop in fuser FIX

Not sure if I posted but I know this is out there all over the danged WWW - M3035 (and likely the same on P3005) that will print but stop just before the fuser exit sensor and give a 13.05 error

I originally had this machine, M3035 MFP, as part of a group of same machines with the known grinding problem but this one stopped just before the exit sensor inside the fuser. I replaced the fuser drive motor, all the drive gears including the pendulum, and even swapped a known good controller board in - not once did anything change. We finally decided to leave it set as a donor for parts for other M3035's the customer had but I havent yet delivered it as I have been working on TC4200 tablet laptops for them.

Well long story short the spring 2010 issue of Service Edge came in the mail today from Liberty Parts Team with a story on bad firmware in the P401x and P451x machines. I had a P4014 I'd been tracking a problem on as well and got the firmware and cured the problem with no parts. Hmmm....wonder if the firmware is the problem with this POS M3035? Well I went to the HP site and lo and behold there is a new version for March 2010 - came out right after I gave up on the thing after 3 or 4 hours of messing with it. Well I loaded it up, let it run and once it went back to ready I tried a config page - SOB it worked! Ran paper path test with duplex on - worked! Ran a 235 page service manual with duplex on - worked!

I've always been used to firmware upgrades on routers, laptops, PCs, servers, etc but for the longest time printers (especially HP) have been on-chip DIMM based firmware. These newer ones are back to EEPROM type firmware like BIOS on a PC. Evidentally HP knows about it but is keeping it quiet as I didnt see any mention in the fixes for the 13.05 stop-before-fuser-exit problems that so many people have asked about in various places. They fixed it but I imagine they want people to call at $75 a pop to find out they need to upgrade firmware.

Anyway the M3035 was version 20070712 48.021.7 when the problems were occurring, the new version it has is 20100306 48.121.4

I fixed two problem printers today tht had been ticking me off with a simple firmware upgrade. What a PITA to find it was as simple as that. Maybe this will help people with future problems on these new Chinese crap printers HP is selling.
Thanks for the tip!
we are so happy with the new Hp P series that
we have switched to selling KMBS Magicolor printers
and the pagepro line. The new series of printers are solid.

Canon makes the engines for the Hp's i believe.
if Hp pisses off enough people they will
eventually lose marketshare.

We are also working the KM printers in the shop
and do like the 9600 x 600 dpi
and the heavy paper handling characteristics.
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Update....comes from repairing for a hospital with a large fleet of M3035's. Another that would grind and the paper stop in the outfeed and one they set aside that would do the thing like I had before but firmware didn't cure it. Hmmm....The one that popped as the paper came out I figured was a bad gear on the delivery assy. Took off the left and right covers, removed the scanner. Got the metal support on the left side off to be able to get the outfeed cover off. Able to see the delivery section from the top after that. Gear looked good but when I turned the upper shaft on top of the springs it would skip like a bad tooth on a gear. Pushed down on it and saw that the bushing on the gear side was worn almost paper thin at the top letting the spring rollers push the shaft up away from the gear that drives the gear on the shaft. Took a bushing from a machine the staff at the hospital took apart and never reassembled and installed it. Amazingly despite the crappy material that is used for the bushing you can change it without further teardown. Take the left bushing off (right as you look from the rear) then unlatch the left and get it undone from the delivery assy frame. Slide the shaft carefully to the right (looking from rear) till the gear end of the shaft is in the open spot then turn the shaft till the flat in the shaft allows the shaft to be lifted out. Either replace the whole shaft with bushings or pop the hear off and put on a new left and right bushing and reinstall in reverse.

I have to look at the one they set in storage that doesn't make a pop or grind but does stop even with new firmware. I have a feeling it might be worn enough that the gears don't mesh at all. It would sure be a PITA if all the problem on it was is a small plastic bushing.

A look at the parts diagram shows the black shaft with tires, right bushing and gear as an assembly RM1-3749 and the left bushing as RC1-3665. I haven't yet looked at the left and right to see if they are the same and if the gear is removable or not from the shaft. HP stocks the 3749 shaft assy but wants $22 plus shipping for it. Deisgn it to fail and make a ton off a plastic Chinese built assembly. Typical of modern HP thought.
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