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Sharp Sharp AL 1655CS

Sharp AL-1655CS grinding and error code L1-00

We are trying to repair this machine at our Church. Whenever you push the copy button, it grinds and then this flashing error code appears. We do not have any manuals so I am at a loss as to how to fix it. I did not see this code listed among the Sharp error codes you have. I did not find any manuals or repair parts either.
Is it possible to get a repair manual? Do you have any suggestions on what may be causing this problem and how to fix it?
Under the left side there is a scanner lock which is probably in the wrong position. If it is locked, the scanner won't be able to move creating the grinding noise. If it is not locked, the scanner rails may be gummy and require cleaning and oiling!
by David Etling on Apr 5, 2010 at 9:31am Add comment
Thanks Dave,
Where on the left side do I find the scanner lock switch? If the rails need cleaning, is there any specific method of accessing and cleaning them?
Is there a service manual around anywhere?
Joe - JoeP
scanner lock is located under left side of copiers optics section
look under the frame where the paper exits the copier-we have had this happen so many times we just remove the whole locking disk from the machine by prying the plastic locking tabs loose then rotate and pull down.

Optics can be accessed by removing back cover, unplug document feeder. lift feeder up and back to remove. remove small screws securing glass {4} clean rails and lube w/ teflon oil reassemble.
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Thanks, that is very helpful. Just curious as to the purpose of the locking tabs? Shipping?
I will take a look and let you know how I make out. Anyone know where I can find a manual? - JoeP
Yes shipping.

e-mail for manual.
by Scytex on Apr 6, 2010 at 11:46am Add comment
OK, I was able to open up and access the locking tab from inside. Sure enough, it was hanging on to the carriage. Once free, it is copying again.
There is another problem though. Not sure if I should open a new thread. Let me know and I will. This involves the RSPF. When loading paper into the top of it for copying, it whines and then jams. The paper does not move at all. If I open the pickup unit, I find a small piece of flat plastic hanging down. It is very loose. Any thoughts? - JoeP
That is supposed to be there and retracts when adf feed solenoid energizes.

more likely than not your pick up, feed and separation tires are
old and glazed over. if the rolls are rotating and there are no obstructions in the paper path then replace the 3 tires.
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OK, thanks. I will check it out. Does this site provide parts to these machines or do I go direct to Sharp?
- JoeP
Also, I don't see a separation roller on this unit. I see the pick up roller and the feed roller but no separation one. Is it under another name?
- JoeP
Sorry it's probably a pad-lookin at my spare feeder it is
and the plastic gate although unusual is normal.
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OK, I was finally able to get a better look at the printer at Church today. When I put paper in the upper feeder, I get the green light on the pad so that tells me the switch is working. After that, there is no movement of anything when I hit the button. All I get is a high pitched whine from what appears to be the back of the machine. I removed the pickup unit and opened it to see if there was anything wrong inside and found nothing. The rollers all appear in great condition. The belts all look fine. I get a paper feed error light if I open the pickup unit and feed paper all the way in so the paper entry sensor seems OK. If I remove the paper from the top feeder, everything works as usual. This machine is not very old so I doubt it is a wear issue, but I am at a loss. Any other ideas?
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Try a copy from the glass
hopefully the scanner drive is not toast.
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Copying works fine from the glass. It's just the RSPF section that is having issues - JoeP
I know on some of the sharps if you unplug the ADF while the power is on or plugged in you can fry the ADF board and/or the mainboard. They even put out a service note in regards to this because enough people were doing it. Sounds like your issue. I guess if you really wanted to test it some more you need to start taking apart the ADF drive assembly and see whats binding it up. Like remove the motor from the drive and see if it engages by itself.
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I am finally able to get back to dealing with this copier problem. As I mentioned before, the RSPF is not working. Over the weekend I was able to remove the back cover and watch it. With a document in the top feeder, everything runs until the scanner starts to move. It goes about 1/2 inch then jams. That is the high pitched whine I am hearing. I can see the lower portion of the belt hanging loosely and then the scanner reverses and goes back to it's original position. If I try to copy on the glass, everything works just fine. The scanner moves freely and copies well when I lift the lid and copy on the glass. It is just with the RSPF that it is jamming. Any ideas what could be causing this? - JoeP
Where do I find a copy of this service note? I looked on their website and didn't find anything.
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Well I have a little problem. I have had my sharp for 4 years and never once had a problem. This morning I went to make a copy and I can hear a ticking or grinding noise and then the copy will come out. Not sure what it is if you have any solutions please help. Thanks.
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Desde hace un tiempo mi equipo no se comunica con el computador, y consecuentemente no puedo imprimir ni escanear, he probado con diferentes cables, he desintalado el sofwer y lo he vuelto a instalar y permanece igual, alguien puede orientarme sobre alguna posible solucion a mi problema
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In English language we can help...
by Scytex on Jun 14, 2011 at 12:26pm Add comment
For a while my computer is not communicating with the computer, and consequently I can not print or scan, I tried with different cables, I uninstalled the sofwer and I re-installed and remains the same, can someone guide me about a possible solution to my problem
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Did you change anything from the previous working setup?
could be as simple as choosing a different port on the pc if you are connected by usb?
by Scytex on Jun 14, 2011 at 1:08pm Add comment
I've replaced the drum, transfer assy, cleaned slit glass above the drum. Still light copies could use some help on this one.
I normally work on Canon so Sharp is a little new to me.

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i have sharp AL-1655CS copier system error [H3-00], i need help for resolution.

Thank you
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How do I access the scanner?

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