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asked Mar 22, 2010 at 6:38pm
Epson Epson LQ 850

Epson 1520 repair and use of adjustment program.

I have an Epson 1520 that I bought years ago second hand and it used to work OK.

It was used infrequently, just for wide format colour printing, as I have an alternative A4 photo printer that I use.

As a consequence the heads dried out and no amount of cleaning cycles would get a good printout.
I've done the warmed distilled water and also methylated spirit injection method and it has improved but is stubborn on some jets.

I have 2 Epson 850 ink jet printers that are problematic too but I saved them just because I knew the heads were the same as the 1520 and would come in as spares. I'm aware of head voltage adjustments and head ID issues if swapping heads.

After extensive cleaning of the 1520's original black head with little improvement I decided to clean one of the 850's black head to swap. It produced a nice jet pattern off the printer and under pressure from a syringe.

As an aside here, anyone wanting to do a swap after cleaning should write down the head details from the side of the donor head before cleaning. I found out too late that those numbers on the side of the head are water soluble and are likely to be washed away whilst cleaning.

Anyway to get to the point.
I have the 1520 service manual and the adjustment program and I'm going to butcher the second 850 for its heads.
The service program will not run in XP as far as I can see so I need a Dos box to use it.
I have a few spare computers but don't fancy spending loads of time installing MSdos just for the purpose though I may have to.

I created a DRDOS boot CD rom for the job using Nero ( create bootable CD )but it does not have the Device=ANSI.SYS set as is a requirement to get good screen presentation when using the Epson adjust program.
The program does run though and sees the printer but in unusable.

Basically what I need is a boot-able CD that I can use with the 1520 and 850 service programs that is usable.
I could build a spare machine just for the purpose but would be interested to know what method others use.

BTW I've checked and cleaned the pump mechanism on the 1520 and that's OK.

Looking at the cost of new Epson wide format printers I think the 1520 repair is worthwhile despite its age.

Grateful for any help.
What would you expect if one don't themself.
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Do You know if Epson 1520 and 3000 have the same heads ?

( I am from Brazil, forgive my bad English )
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