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Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP 3210 - Printing Green instead of Gray/Shadow

Model: HP Photosmart 3210

Problem: Anytime I try to print anything with gray or shadows (gray) it prints green in that spot instead.

This problem happens no matter which computer/memory device I use, and on any kind of paper.

Things I've tried:

1) Clean Print Heads :)
2) Update Drivers
3) Tried multiple computer and multiple shades of gray (Get Multiple Shades of Green)
4) Try different types of paper
5) Reset printer using the OK/Cancel/Black/Color Buttons all at once
6) Set Printer preferences to Grayscale

I've been tinkering with the above solutions for about a month now. Nothing seems to make a difference. Other colors seems to print fine, unless they are a shade of gray. Black prints fine.

I must emphasize that this does this when printing from a memory card as well.

I would like to upgrade the firmware if there is any updates, however I have been unable to find firmware files.

If anyone has any ideas whatsoever please feel to suggest them.

P.S. It's really disgusting when you print copies of the wedding photos from your cousins wedding and her husband has green hair and green shadows.

Have you tried replacing the color ink cartridge? Just a thought. Grayscale uses the colors to print which could be the reason that it prints green. Blot the nozzles of the color cartridge on a damp paper towel and see if you get 3 nice rectangles of each color (Cyan, magenta and yellow).
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Unfortunately that will not work for this type of printer, this is a 7 cartridge printer which uses the HP02 Cartridges that don't have the nozzle on the cartridge. I've also tried replacing all the cartridges to no success in resolving the problem. I'm 99\% certain this is a software problem on the printer, and I'm hoping someone can tel me where to find a firmware update or reset. - alphajapwolf
Sorry, my mistake on the model. Yes, the printhead is a permanent fixture, non removable without a ton of dis-assembly. Use the setup menu to print out a supply status. Look for the correct colors on the page. It still sounds like a printhead problem to me rather than a software issue.
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I did an Extended Self Test Diagnostic (Cancel + OK from the main menu) and it printed the print Quality pattern, and all the colors look fine on that sheet.Black, Yellow, Lt Cyan, Cyan, Lt Magenta, and Magenta. I guess it's 6 colors not 7 (where did I get that number from). Anyway they all appear fine, no streaking.

Some information I thought might tell someone something:

Total Page Count : 816
Firmware Version: R0046xxNxFN0-KAOS
Print Head Assembly ID: LFE545830_02_R09C09
Print Head Calibration Confidence Level: 0

I'm not sure if this information might be useful, but I though it was worth posting.
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