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LaserWriter 16/600 prints dirty & weak

I've got an Apple LaserWriter 16/600 (same engine as most HP LJ4 and 5) which is printing lousy pages. The page is covered with a gray dusting of toner, and the print itself is weak and missing 'chunks'. It's not really streaking, nor are there any repetitive defects such as are produced by bad rollers/fuser/cart. BTW, engine test page shows same defect.

I did replace the cart with a new HP (recent manuf.) unit, didn't change a thing. The fuser is newly rebuilt as well, that didn't help either. Cleaning the toner drum (pretty evenly covered in a film of toner) doesn't help, next print just as bad as ever.

Dunno if this might be important....At some point it was printing about a third of the page (one linear side) clean and clear, with the other two thirds dirty and weak. After a while though the whole page reverted to the dirty version.

I really hate to landfill this workhorse, except for this print-quality issue it otherwise functions perfectly.

thanks in advance for any help,

dan k
anyone?? I _really_ hate to toss this darn thing, its been super-reliable for so long . . .


dan k
by dankephoto on May 28, 2010 at 10:11am Add comment
The cartridges haven't been made for years, so even though you claim it is a new cartridge, it is in fact an expired one. You can tell by looking at the label on the top of the cartridge. Maroon is the oldest, blue/white ones are second oldest, black/white were the most current. Of the three, the only ones with any chance of printing good are the black/white ones. All you really need to do is replace the drum wiper blade to fix it. Only 6 screws involved.
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OK, thanks, this sounds promising ... I could do the replacement but where would I get a new wiper blade?

If I can't find a replacement blade(s), how about refurb carts?

again, tia

Dan K - dankephoto
We stock the blades. Send an email to [email protected] for pricing and ordering info. Instructions can be bound here http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/reference/guides/reman/EX
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