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Epson Epson LQ 800

Epson 740 (circa. 1999) sqeals like cats fightng

My epson 740 (1999) squeals like cats fighting and no printout (both cartridges are good)

I was greatly helped by someone on this Web site when I had similar problems involving an epson 800. I had to disassemble it and clean tubes etc. but it went on for years (i.e. the printer worked).
I don't have the technical (service) manual for the 740 though.
Could I find one still?
Could I use the one for the epson stylus 800 on the 740?
FWIW: the squeals scare my cats
and it prints blanks
P.S. rather than a kit I want to do this myself
There is a manual for that model under the 'reference' section on this site.

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Thank you very much Paul
There are several to choose from...
Some have vertical lines through the text - not sure why - maybe to discourage downloading / use?

Thanks though!
- unknown
The squealing is probably from the carriage guide shaft. Read here for more info: http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/glide.html
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I "washed" the printer with distilled water and have let it dry…
First of all thank you for posting the link.
I cannot see the "brushings" on my printer. Are they under the cartridge holders?
The problem I have currently is accessing any of this Web site's service manuals. There are vertical streaks (like markers) throughout.
Do you know of a *reliable* Web site to download an Epson stylus color 740 service manual?
Thanks again!

- unknown
Try here http://www.eserviceinfo.com/downloadsm/9203/epson_epson\%20440.html

Some models have the bushings on the inside of the carriage.
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Thanks for replying. The file is corrupt (on the eserviceinfo.com)
Do you know of any other Web sites that are "safe" for downloading?
Thanks again - unknown
the full service manual here !
I hope this help !
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