asked Feb 13, 2010 at 12:15am
Canon Canon Pixma IP3000

Canon iP3000 makes grinding noise.

I just got the tray and rollers for the CD printing conversion today. The last time I used the printer it worked fine.

Today it went Klingon on me "Today is a good day to die!".

It makes a noise like grinding gears, the printhead doesn't move and the light blinks green and yellow. Pushing the paper source button won't change it off the bottom tray.

Stupid thing died and I didn't get a chance to print a single CD. (I did the firmware setting change quite a while ago.)

P.S. It only cost me $19 at Goodwill back in 2006, been absolutely super, with light use, until today. Cost me almost $40 for the tray and roller kit on eBay! The seller shipped me the entire front cover rather than just the roller bit, so rather than dismantle the printer to change the front cover (with EuroStyle *chrome* Canon lettering) I simply popped the roller part off and installed it in place of the blocking plate. YES I MADE CERTAIN THE ROLLERS WERE IN THE CORRECT POSITION! I never even got to try printing a disc because the #$#$^#$& thing killed itself when I went to print a nozzle check to ensure it would print OK.