asked Feb 10, 2010 at 4:46pm
Hp HP LaserJet M2727

HP m2727 (scanner error 5)

when i turning the on my lj2727 priner on panel occuired scanner error 5 . what will i doo
I first got an 'engine error' error message on the printer HP laserjet M2727nf but could still print then later got another error message that appears both on the printer and the computer screen stating '52 scanner error' turn off then on. If you turn the printer off and on again,the error message persists yet the printer doesnt work.
Advise me on the possible solutions. thanx
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This indicate an internal hardware problem.

The formatter and the scanner will need to be changed at the same time.

This may still be covered under HP Warranty

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On the M2727 printers with errors 5 & 8, I have fixed these problems by replaceing the pancake motor inside the scanner. The motor freezes and won't turn. You can hear when the scanner tries to initilize a grinding noise. HP won't give you this part # but after much digging I found it. Part Number Q3948-60186
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