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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP Color Laserjet 2840 AiO Dying or dead?

Last week our 2840 started to forget the IP addresses programmed into it. Then, on Thursday, the control panel stopped responding to input, although the ready light was lit, and the LCD message screen appeared normal. We powered down, and when we turned the power back on, the control panel will not only not respond to input, none of the lights will come on, nor will the LCD panel display anything other than an occasional vertical black line. The mechanics of the printer do seem to be in working order. When it is powered up, you can hear the calibration routine, even though there is nothing on the LCD display.

So what do I do? How expensive is it to replace the control panel and/or the main processor board? Should I just start looking for another all in one?
If you rely heavily on this machine
consider getting a Magicolor 4695mf

This will run circles around the hp
25 ppm

quiet running (54db)
reliable sturdy built
high yield cartridges

Can be upgraded with more memory or a hard disk
MSRP $1,299

Much better print resolution than the hp 9600 x 600 dpi

Have had bad results with the Hp 2840
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We rely on it heavily as a fax machine, not a printer. Second most common use after faxing, we use it for scanning. Color printing is the least of its uses, so the 25 ppm and optional hard drive really don't matter much to me. We purchased the maximum RAM upgrade when we bought the printer, and we bought it equipped with networking capabilities, so that all five of the office employees could use it. As have all of the the HP printers we've purchased over the years, it has worked painlessly with our Macintosh computers. ALL of them, be they iMac, G5, G4, G3. Not bad for less than $800. I can't say that I've ever heard of Konica/Minolta being as Mac friendly.

We don't do desktop publishing or any kind of photo image editing, so I don't think the Magicolor would be a good fit for us. If I have to replace the printer, I'll be looking for another all in one. Again, my primary needs are faxing and scanning. It has to be networkable AND it has to be Mac compatible.

- Iamanamma
First thing I would do is an engine test to see if the engine still works. The engine test switch is located at the top of the manual tray feed slot on the left side. You need to load paper on the manual tray for the test to work. If you get a page with lines, then the engine is fine and the formatter needs to be replaced. You can get them on ebay on exchange for a good price from what I have seen. Now if they are selling refurbished on exchange it means they have a way of repairing them and possibly the baking technique is what they are using. You could try it yourself and see what happens. You have to remove the board from the formatter cage and prop up on the four corners and place in a baking pan so the board does not touch the pan. Preheat a oven to 350F (177C) and place the pan in the oven when ready. Keep in the oven for 8 minutes. Remove the pan and let the board cool for 30 minutes. Put back in the formatter cage and see if it works. I know from personal experience that the formatters for the P2015, P3005 and jetdirect cards 610N and 615N do work over 95\% of the time with the baking technique. If not use the link below and of course this is if the engine test works.


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Well, the engine appears to be fine. I managed to print a nice page with four lovely rows of colored lines. One thing though DMZ, why would the formatter cause my control panel to cease functioning? I don't mind tearing the printer apart to replace a faulty part, but I want to be sure I HAVE to tear it completely apart before I do. It's a whole lot easier to replace the control panel, and unless I "bake" the formatter, it's cheaper to replace the control panel.

I must say, your "baking technique" has to be one of the most bizarre fixes I've ever heard suggested!
by Iamanamma on Feb 11, 2010 at 11:13am Add comment
The control of the control panel is thru the formatter even though the actual control panel plugs into the dc controller. Many times blank displays are caused by formatter. Keep in mind if the control panel was the only thing not working, then you should be able to print from the computer which you indicate you can not. If you do a search of this site and some others you will see that the baking is not all that bizarre. It seems that is recent years the control boards have been made overseas the manufacturing process has been deficient when it comes to soldering where many of the boards develop cold solder joints with their processors. Baking re-flows the solder and in the majority of the cases fixes the problems.
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If the repairs do not work out for you
The 4695 ia an AIO multifunction with scan to smb
fax to pc AND has Bonjour for easy mac installation.
paper port software included {basic edition}

Network,usb and parallel connections provided

I have sold one of these to an electric company where thier primary use is faxing.

Hopefully you guys are having better luck with the 2840 series than I have

Both the 2840 and the canon mfc 8180 have been dogs for us as noted in the past three years of servicing the model.
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Sigh. It didn't help. There is no joy in Muddville.

by Iamanamma on Mar 1, 2010 at 7:33am Add comment
Have sold a few more of the 4690/4695
MFC's in business locations where the customer will
be faxing and printing. Dedicated line works best.

Machines are working well and when there is a question
it is nice to speak with someone from tech help in the USA

by Scytex on Mar 1, 2010 at 12:57pm Add comment
Actually from your description of what you do there is a great value out there. Go to the link below. After reading do google search as you can get these for very little money and they come with a 1 year on-site service warranty. Just keep your proof of purchase.

by dmzcompute on Mar 1, 2010 at 6:35pm Add comment
I took a look at the Magicolor: PCWorld did not have an abundance of nice things to say about it. Expensive and hard to set up via ethernet, and only three stars doesn't impress me all that much. I also looked at the Samsung. Very attractive, but ACK! no ADF! I'll keep looking. Thanks for all the advice.
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If price is an issue there are other models available with color printing.

MC 4690 retail $999.00
MC 1690 retail $459.00

can be found for less on the net / both have an ADF

Have sold several of each model with no serious problems
easy to connect to the network / comes standard with bonjour
for easy mac setup.

other companies selling /using same product have similar reports
quality build machines with a warranty to back it up.

sold 3 more last week, customers with home and business use
are happy.

Using the machines in our printshop and next to my desk.
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