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Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP CLJ5500 MOPYing issue

Hi all, I having this issue, pls help;

a same file print to 2 different machine : (a) Printer CLJ5500 with 20GB hard disk and (b)Copier Ricoh Aficio 3235C with 40GB HD. The copier only took 2 min to complete the instructed printing job, but CLJ5500 took 15 minute to finish.

File properties;
- 3MB size
- Format : Macromedia Freehand 10 & OS Window XP
- Enable 'composite' in Print windows
- Spooling enable. FYI, using 'send file direct..' setting also gave a same result
- no. of copy : 5
- Printer Driver : PCL6
- paper/output size : A3

CLJ5500 behave like this when printing;
- 1st copy print out : 3 min. Panel Display show : processing job 1 of 5.
- 2nd copy out 2 min later. Panel Display show : processing job 1 of 5.
- process repeated until 5th copy finish to print with interval time between printout is 2-3 min.Panel Display still show : processing job 1 of 5.
- Then Panel shows processing 2 of 5 and 5 pages prints out continously. The process repeated with now Panel show : processing job 3 of 5, ... 4 of 5, ...5 of 5..
- The end result : My total printout is 25 copy instead of only 5 copy that I needed.

Pls help me so my CLJ5500 will receive this file then duplicate(or MOPY) it to required copy ,finally prints the copy continuosly.

Thank you in advance.

- JPtech (Malaysia)
not sure what composite means.
does the 5550 driver have a collate selection on printer properties?

With the Hp it should print most jobs in collated sets with the HDD

Try printing a different file type from ms word or another program
to rule out your application.

Is the Hp hard drive recognized on the configuration sheet?
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