asked Jan 28, 2010 at 8:18pm
Epson Epson LQ 300

Epson PM 300 SHOW

I am trying to back-up my photos from my Epson PM 300 to an external DVD machine(Sony model DRX-700UL). This DVD/RW is capable of running all type of DVD media discs such as Dual Layer DVD+R(8GB) and single layer DVD-R(4.5GB) and of course CD/R(700MB). The photos on the PM 300 are loaded from a memory card SDHC. I am connecting my printer to the DVD machine via a USB port. So far I am only capable of backing up successfully to a 700Mb CD/R disc. When I try to back-up to a 8GB DVD+R , it does not recognize my external storage device. When I try to back up to a DVD-R (4GB) it fails most of the time. One time it succeeded but only backed up half of my photos? 2.5GB out of about 4GB. MOst of the other trials it fails the back up??. Please let me know why is it doing this? Is it my DVD machine? is it my discs? What is the issue? Epsion sends me only "canned" answers which are irrelevant to my problem!! I need a "non-canned" answer please. Thank you.