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asked Jan 24, 2010 at 9:54am
Hp HP DeskJet Plus

HP Laserjet 4, 4 PLus duplexers

I have an HP Laserjet 4 and an HP Laserjet 4 Plus, with duplexer units for both. I installed one on the 4 Plus, went through the lower row "menu" button to the printing menu, selected DUPLEX=ON, set that choice as default, and attempted as to print a two-page email on both sides of one sheet. It printed the contents on one side of two sheets. No codes or trouble indicators appeared on the small screen. So what's wrong here?

You have to turn on duplex in your software as well. As I recall, the HP4 didn't have duplex capabilities. That was added in the 4+
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What do you mean about turning on duplex in my software? The HP is set up to run from our local area network. So where do I find the software you mentioned, and how to turn on the duplex in that software?

Hopefully these don't sound like dumb questions.

- Arnold Harris
In the driver you have to tell it that the duplex unit is installed. On the sever you need to right click on the printer and scroll down to properties and then left click. You then click on device settings and then go down to duplex and change it from not installed to installed. Now if you want it to duplex all the time you have to go to print preferences and make duplex default and choose the method. You can leave that alone but each user will have to go to file print and then choose to duplex when they want.
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Moe, DMZcompute,

Thanks for the help thus far. I changed the device settings to duplexer=installed. That brought the duplexer to life. And uncovered another problem.

The sheet printed on one side, then was diverted up the switchback assembly, then disappeared back into the holding tray, and then got stuck there, sending me a paper jam message.

Does this mean there was an actual physical jam in the holding tray? Or could it be a problem in the holding tray stepper motor, the hold tray output stepper motor, or the holding tray paper detect sensor?

(I got all this descriptive stuff from an old copy of the Combined Service Manual for the HP Laser Jet 4/4M/4 Plus/5/5M/5N printers.)

Local shops around Madison WI seem to know little about mid-1990s HP Laserjets and their duplexers.

Any experiences of anybody with these duplexer holding tray paper jams?
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