asked Jan 18, 2010 at 7:20pm
Hp HP DeskJet Plus

Hp Laserjet 4M Plus 41.3 paper error

I have not been able to fix this error. So far I have replaced just about everything available from kits purchased on from fixyourprinter. This includes the pickup feed roller, the fuser drive gears, and all sets of output rollers. I have completely taken apart every assembly but do not see anything amiss.

I have stuck a wad of paper in cover safety switch to close it so the printer will run with the cover open. I can watch the paper feed into the toner cartridge. When the printer is working properly there is a gap between each sheet as it feeds into the cartridge. Whenever there is one of these jams, I can see that the next sheet has overrun the previous sheet and there is no gap. At that point this next sheet will bulge up since there is no place to go and the printer stops.

Many posts talk about this same problem but none of the suggestions helped.

What else can I check out?