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Hp HP LaserJet 4

Replacing old 4+ LaserJets


I need to replace some of my old 4+ Laserjets. These have really withstood the test of time but now are needing too much attention.

My question for all you who know these units inside and out is this, What current models of HP look like they're built to last? I'm not opposed to buying used. Are there more-current used models worthy of replacing the 4+?

Suggestions? Thanks.

Ed G
I've been replacing them with 4050 and 4100's.
New models are fast, cheap but expensive toners and lots of problems with formatters. So no, there aren't any current models that are built to last like the 4+.
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sue o

Thanks for responding. Considering used, I'm wondering if you can tell me how the 4300 compares with the 4050 as far as cost of ownership (reliability, cost per page)?


Ed G.
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Ed G,
I am not a fan of the 4200,4300 series. Too many issues with swing plate, paper lift springs, fusers, in general a noisy machine. There are a number of techs on this board that like those machines, I personally do not. I consider the 4100 the last truly dependable machine that HP offered. Cheap to buy, maintain and run. Toners yield 10K pages and good, reliable remanufactured toners for sale in the $50-$70 range. An easy machine to self maintain as the "consumables" are easy to obtain and replace.
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i'm with sue. go for 4050 and 4100 series machine. 42/4300 just not worth it.
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