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Hp HP LaserJet 4L

HP 4L paper issues

Hi. I have an HP LaserJet 4L that is not printing. Whenever I attempt to print from any source, the printer starts up, and the paper starts feeding. However shortly after the process starts, the 'Paper' light flashes red, and it stops. The paper always stops at the same point, with the top of the sheet of paper underneath the toner cartridge. The paper is never 'stuck'. The full sheet pulls right out with no tearing or wrinkling, and there is always a faint horizontal line of 'toner dust' about one inch from the top of the sheet. If I open and close the top without removing the toner, the page will continue to feed, but nothing will be printed. This printer is 8 years old. It was used very heavily for about 5 years, and has been sitting in a closet for 3 years. The owner told me she thinks she bought a new toner cartridge when the problem first popped up three years ago, and then bought a new printer when that didn't fix the problem. I checked the entire paper path for small pieces of paper, but I found nothing. I am stumped! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Try getting a can of "canned air" or if you have an air compressor with a blow gun tip that's ok also. Just forward of the sponge charge roller, you'll see a little arm sticking up. Blow down into the hole around the arm.
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Charles Thomas did an excellent job of describing the problem with my HP 4L. However, the solution by moe didn't seem to help.I am wondering if:a) When I received the 4L, the toner cartridge had about one inch of the sealing tape sticking out. I pulled on it and it pulled out another 4-5 inches but and then firmly stopped - didn't pull out all the way like I am used to on my 4M.b) Paper stops just before touching the paperpath sensor which is about 1" after the sponge roller. Is it possible that something isn't ready like the fusing up to temperature, etc?
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If you had a fatal error like that, all the lights would come on. If it's just stopping with a paper jam light, at that point the only thing you could blame would be the toner cartridge.
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I'm having this same problem. Can anyone tell me what the fix is?
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Let's start all over again. Forget about the useless advice about scanner mirrors as it has nothing to do with your problem. Explain in detail exactly where the paper is stopping and any lights that are coming on. Also, did you try any of the advice in this thread. If you didn't, I suggest you try those first.
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I've tried all the advice in this thread. I've cleaned the black rubber roller and I've sprayed canned air everywhere.
The paper stops when it has fed about 2-1/2 inches past the rear edge of the clear plastic piece, and just about 1/8-inch short of a sensor that sticks up in the paper path.
When it hangs, the paper light flashes until I clear it and start over. If I don't clear the paper but just lift and close the cover, a new sheet will feed to the same point and the first sheet will partially eject and then hang and is difficult to remove.
I don't want to take up any more of your time with this as I can get a replacement on Craigslist for $20. - Anonymous
Yeah I guess just replace it for that cost but for us techs its always intresting to find the solution. The thing that hasn't been asked is does it print anything or is the page blank? Which would point to a registration problem or the fact that it doesnt seem to think the paper is even getting to the cartridge. Which would point towards one of the front sensors. Its been years sense ive seen it but if you pull a jam out from the tray you can break that front sensor flag. Im not saying you did it but it could of been done before hand.
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Check the sensor arm in this photo http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/reference/guides/sensors/px
Does it look like the one in the photo?
What makes you think the $20 replacement actually works? Could be someone else trying to get rid of a non-working printer. Happens all the time, mostly on piratEbay.
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Thanks for the photo, now we know what the problem is. The sensor arm (shown in moe's photo) is broken-off. The broken-off piece is missing.
I had lent this printer to a college student and I guess she broke it perhaps while clearing a paper jam. I'll look for a replacement printer as I have a good supply of toners!
You guys are great - keep up the good work.
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