asked Dec 15, 2009 at 7:12pm
Epson Epson Stylus Photo R1900

Epson R1900 Clogged InkJets

When I print a nozzle test I get the same two "dash" marks always blank in my photo black pattern. I have injected Epson InkJet Cleaning Solution down the cartridge nipple two nights in a row and let it soak. Ran my head cleaning, pretty much used two sets of ink, and still those same last two "dash" marks won't appear.

I guess my next step is disassembly...and washing it out on the bench.

I am curious if this could also be a electrical or mechanical problem rather than two clogged jets.

Anyone have any comments on if a bench cleaning of the print heads should correct it?
Resist all urges to remove the print head. The problem usually lies in the cap assembly's ink putge tube. It gets clogged and pops off or gets clogged at the tip where is enters ink absorber pads.
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It could be a clogged printer cartridge. There is a video here that
shows what to do , that might help
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Epson ink cartridges do not clog because there is not a print head on the cartridge like the HP, Dell, Lexmark ink cartridges.

The video shows a HP ink cartridge. Which does not apply to Epson printers. HP users may benefit from the link.
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its been our experience, that once the print head is clogged, its dead. too expensive and time consumming to remove the print head.

we have tried, soaking with paper towel, using commerical so called printhead resolve, unclogging the tubes, to no avail.
its an electric print head,
go to epson website, under will see how finicky this printhead is.
its a great printer, built like a brick..but the print head is the weakest link.
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