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Epson SPR 1800 Utilities via Time Capsule

Hello everyone and anyone,
I have the ESPR 1800 printer and a new MacBook Pro connected via my Time Capsule with what I think to be all the Snow Leopard drivers and updaters offered from Epson. Everything is printing OK (so far); however, I can not access the printer utilities (Nozzle Check, Head Cleaning, Ink Status, ETC...) My process is from applications (in Finder) to the Epson Printer Utility 3 icon, Double click that and I get a window that has the printer picture, the title below it and 6.39 below that then it states it is searching for printer with the gray pinwheel. After a quick sec, I get a Printer List window with no printers listed in it. Needless to say, my computer did not find the printer. I have connected directly to the printer and yes you guessed it "BAM" it finds and recognizes the printer under my utilities request and all is right in the world. Called Epson for support, but I got some holiday robot that was bent on script reading and my problem did not compute "WARNIG WILL ROBINSON, WARNING!!!!" , so they were no help. I guess I can deal with it, but I don't want to settle just yet. Is there a Printer Guru, Geek Squad Master, Nerd Herd Jedi or just someone out there that can help me with my problem? Might I be doing something wrong, have a radio button press when it shouldn't be or vise versa...please help, anything is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
I have the same issue. Looks like you have to connect printer to macbook via usb cable if you want to use printer utilities.
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