asked Jan 12, 2001 at 6:34pm
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LJIII fails power on test

I purchased a LJ III as surplus from work and am trying to put it in working order. I do not know the history of the printer. The system currently fails the power on self test, giving a code 13 paper jam error, and does nothing else. However, there appears to be no paper in the paper path other than the undisturbed paper lying flat in the paper tray.
In your troubleshooting tips, the part about an open door sounds like a plausible problem, but I am not clear what door that might refer to.
I suppose it could be a pick-up paper jam because the printer certainly does not pick up the paper, but I cannot see that it even attempts to do so after failing the self test. Is there a "paper in the paper path" sensor that could be giving a bum reading about a paper jam that isn't there?
What fix-it package should I try?
Check that the fuser is in correctly. There is a 7 pin connector on the left. The white plastic connector it mates with "floats". It's possible to install the connector one pin off. Pull up on the left side and push the white connector back as far as you can with your index finger, then drop the fuser down.
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I found a white 7 pin connector on the left side of the floor of the unit. However, on my printer it does not appear to mate with anything on the top section of the unit. This looks like a problem.
I assume that the fuser is located behind the toner cartridge in the top section of the printer. There is a forked appendage near it that might hold a mate to the white 7 pin connector, but there is nothing there in my unit.
Thanks for your advice.
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The fuser is the rectangular green felt covered part in the back of the printer. We have a picture of it on our specials page.
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I looked inside a working LJIII, and sure enough, the fuser is missing from my printer. That explains the error message, but it leaves open whether the fuser is missing because a power supply made it blow, or whether there is an unrelated problem with the printer that made it a good source to scavenge. I note that you are selling refurbished fusers at a good price-- if I am convinced that will fix my printer.
Thank you very much for your advice.
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I have the same problem, fails power on test with a false paper jam message(13.1), but my printer,
hp ljIIIsi, has the fuser assembly. I am my wits end. i have cleaned the sensors etc.
how easy is it to replace a bad sensor?
and how do you find the bad one?
can they be by passed?
thanks for your help
jim bayer
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