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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP Color Laserjet 2840 Prints only one color (Yel)

Ok I just replaced the toner carts, and the developer unit. The printer is only printing in one color (yellow). The reason the carts were changed was that it was reading low levels on all carts. We thought that would fix it but it didn't. Now here's the strange thing when I tell the printer to print in B&W either via selecting the B&W driver or selecting "print grey scale" selection the printer prints fine in B&W mode. I'm baffled can someone please help me...
It only prints yellow weather when printing a test page or a report built into the printer.
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There's a sticky solenoid should be cleanned, it sits at the top of right side of carousel.
Clean and put an electric tape between two metals (one is L type), and the problem will be solved.

- healthup

2018 and it is still helpful, thanks for yours advices.

solenoid - photo

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What happens when you print something from the menu on the printer itself.
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Heathup is 100\% correct. You will need to get the service manual as the complete top scanner unit will have to come off to access that part. The tape requirement is very very important as just cleaning the sticky residue off and not using tape will cause the L arm to become magnetized which will cause other issues.
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I'm a bit confused as to the placement of the tape. I have the service manual but I don't see the part you are talking about. Please advise.
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Service manual page 375

Table 7-16 Rotary-drive assembly

Ref Description Part number Qty
3 Solenoid RH7-5384-000CN 1 - healthup

I agree as well. The repair was relatively easy. It took about two hours from start to finish and test. The selonoid is on the top of the unit on the right side (if facing the front). It has two very small yellow wires connected to it. You will have to remove the top and right side, as well as the electronics board to remove the solenoid and repair it. The repair includes, removing existing goo, and placing black electrical tape where the goo was.

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After struggling for hours to fix the only print yellow problem, I came across this link. Took some effort since I am not a printer repair person, but got the solenoid removed and cleaned off the old foam tape and residue with an X-acto knife and goo-gone. Wiped the surface clean and added two layers of trimmed electrical tape where the old foam tape was. Reassembled the unit and it works!!. Thank you so much.

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